Dissemination of Research

Research evenings

In September 2017 we held our first evening of sharing research projects from schools across Southwark. With wine and canapés! Presentations from our brilliant teachers included:

  • Sarah Field and Laura Threadgold on The Workload Challenge: how eight teachers across five schools stopped marking for two terms. How did they do it? What happened to their workload? What happened to pupil progress?
  • Michael Eggleton and Georgie McHale on RULER and Mindfulness: how a pilot of the Yale-developed emotional intelligence programme plus an evidence-informed mindfulness intervention transformed the wellbeing and readiness to learn of pupils.
  • Nicki Cooper on Tracking Pupil Outcomes from KS2 across Southwark.
  • Rory Dearlove, David Windle and Sarah Seleznyov on Lesson Study: using collaborative lesson planning and child-focused lesson observations to raise standards in writing for disadvantaged pupils.

Journal club

A termly open-access forum for teachers, teaching assistants and anyone involved in education to join together for lively discussion of a hot educational topic. Plus biscuits!

Email STSA Research lead Jemima Rhys-Evans jrhysevans@charlesdickens.southwark.sch.uk if you’d like to attend the next Journal Club at Charles Dickens or would like help to establish a Journal Club in your own school

Past Journal clubs have featured the following papers:

  • Biesta, G. (2007) Bridging the Gap Between Educational Research and Educational Practice: The need for critical distance. Educational Research and Evaluation. Vol. 13, No. 3, June 2007, pp. 295 – 301, DOI: 10.1080/13803610701640227
  • Research Priorities and Questions: teachers and teaching, Department of Education, 2013 Natural Connections England (2016) Investigating impact of Outdoor Learning
  • Education Endowment Foundation & Oxford University Department of Education (April 2016) A marked improvement? A review of the evidence on written marking. Deans for Impact (2015). The Science of Learning. Austin, TX: Deans for Impact.
  • Jung-Sook Lee (2014) The Relationship Between Student Engagement and Academic Performance: Is It a Myth or Reality?, The Journal of Educational Research, 107:3, 177-185, DOI: 10.1080/00220671.2013.807491

Half-termly research bulletins. Email info@southwarktsa.co.uk to sign up for our research bulletin.