Challenge the Gap

The programme

Challenge the Gap is a national whole school improvement programme developed by Challenge Partners. The programme aims to narrow the gap between pupil premium children and their peers, through a team of staff developing innovative projects to improve attainment for a targeted group of their pupils. The programme was funded by the DFE’s Strategic School Improvement Fund and ran from 2017-18.

Who is it for?

Challenge the Gap is a programme for schools who are looking to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in their school by improving the effectiveness of their pupil premium spending. Secondary schools select 1 leader, 3 teachers and 2 para-professionals to take part in the programme. Primary schools select 1 leader, 1 teacher and 1 para-professional to take part.

A strategic, evidence-based model that works

Each team learns how to develop, trial and scale up effective, tailored strategies to benefit disadvantaged pupils in their context, using the latest research, best practice and emerging innovation.


Coming soon

2017/18 programme outline

2017-18 participating schools: Alfred Salter Primary School, Bacon’s College, Brunswick Park Primary, Camelot Primary School, Charles Dickens Primary School, Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, Friars Primary School, Heber Primary School, Robert Browning Primary School, St John and St Clements Church of England Primary School, St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, The Belham Primary School.