Primary to secondary transition data

With Mime Consulting, we have been working on a collaborative project to investigate the longer term outcomes of pupils after they leave their Southwark primary school. Using data from the DfE’s National Pupil Database, Mime are able to explore outcomes at Key Stage 4 and 5 for pupils and generate a summary report for each primary school showing how their pupils performed at secondary school and post-16.

Insights from the report have enabled senior management teams and governors to question the impact of their school’s teaching beyond Key Stage 2 and the extent to which performance at Key Stage 2 has been sustained into subsequent education. It has brought a focus to specific subjects, demographic groups, to specific secondary schools (and their connections to the primary school), and to each subsequent Key Stage. The analysis supports the development of policy initiatives to improve the quality of teaching further.

Liz Robinson, Head at Surrey Square, explains her thoughts on the analysis:

“As a school, we understand that a huge part of our purpose is to prepare our pupils both personally and academically for success at secondary school and beyond. We HOPE that we do a good job of that, but don’t really know. That’s why we are really excited about, and committed to, accessing information about how our pupils do at the next stages of their lives. We hope to be able to use this additional data to enhance our understanding of our pupils and their needs, and hopefully to begin a more focused dialogue with our secondary colleagues about what else we can be doing to give our pupils the very best chance of success beyond our doors.”

You now have the opportunity to get this analysis for your school.

Southwark Council have made a contribution to keep the cost as low as possible for all schools. As a result the report costs £750 per maintained school and £1,000 non-maintained school. For schools that participate, Southwark Teaching School Alliance will facilitate a free session in 2017 to unpick the data in the report and identify fertile questions for your school to explore.

If you would like to receive a demo report, the report for your school or to find out more, please get in touch with Nicki Cooper at Mime Consulting: 0208 099 4240 -