Cindy MacDonald

Pastoral Manager - John Donne Primary School

Cindy MacDonald, Pastoral Manager - John Donne Primary School

Area of expertise and interest;

  • Member of Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for Pastoral Support for whole school
  • Improving and maintaining excellent attendance/punctuality
  • Building positive relationships with all families within school community
  • Provide family learning for all parent/carers
  • Supporting families with Housing/Immigration
  • Establishing Links within school and wider community
  • Healthy Schools Lead
  • SRE Lead/Whole school staff training
  • Breakfast Club/ Promoting sustainability
  • Implementing positive behaviour support/strategies
  • Established links with secondary schools to promote effective transition for year 6
  • Collaboration with schools in Spain and Greece promoting the benefits of health and wellbeing
  • Part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

Previous experience of supporting staff or schools:

I have worked as Pastoral Manager at John Donne Primary School for the past four years. I believe that pastoral care should be a vital aspect of all primary schools as this provides the underpinning for all children and their families to have a sense of belonging. Without excellent pastoral care, children and their families are not provided with the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and confidence which then impacts on their wellbeing and attainment. At John Donne we value and care for every child and their family and believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each child. We aim to build trusting and empathic relationships with all our children and their families through the excellent pastoral care we provide. Therefore, implementing excellent pastoral care within all primary schools is one way in which we can all ensure that we educate and develop our children.

The responsibility for pastoral care in most schools often lies with both teaching and support staff. However, I believe a whole school ethos needs to be developed by leaders and managers in all primary schools in order to facilitate the growth of effective pastoral care.

I am currently supporting primary schools within our Multi Academy Trust looking at ways in developing and promoting the role which is fundamental to the achievements and successes of our children within our care.; Any other relevant information:

Worked for 12 years at the National Addiction Centre