Ruth Moyler

John Donne Primary School

Ruth Moyler, John Donne Primary School

Area of expertise

  • I am a Lead Consultant and a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for EYFS & Yr1 ,and cross curricular learning.

  • Creative approaches to teaching & learning eg’ Fabulous Phonics’ EYFS & KS1 & Catch up ‘Funky Phonics’ programme for KS2.

  • Partnership with parents – ‘Family Reading Workshops ‘for EYFS & Yr1.

  • Development of ‘ The Green Studio ’ as a place for children to imagine, invent and create on the school playground (re-claimed resources)

  • Development of innovative high quality play resources –Interplayland Project (Trademarked status)

  • I work as an University Student Tutor and a Guest Lecturer at London Southbank University (LSBU )

Previous experience of supporting staff or schools:

  • Led annual’ Fabulous Phonics’ conferences for Southwark teachers , since 2010

  • Local Authority (Southwark) support work in schools ( EYFS ) 2014/15

  • Southwark EYFS moderator 2014/15

  • Consultancy work with Linden Learning in Southwark/Lewisham 2015

  • Practical making session with EYFS teachers in Lambeth 2015

  • UST student support as part of LSBU‘s PGCE programme. 2012-2016

  • Led Ugandan teacher INSET in Kampala 2013

  • In 2016,led a Ugandan teachers’ conference week on Phonics teaching and Artful reuse of local materials.

Feedback on SLE consultancy provided by Ruth

“Ruth was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to explain how phonics had been implemented in her school and the reasons behind.

“The openness of Ruth about her work/experience provided us with a vast amount of ideas and a great starting point for us to discuss the most appropriate methods.”

“Ruth delivered the information well and explained in clear detail.” Principal, Shireland Technology Primary School (November 2016)

Other information:

  • Intensive Coaching Course: Linden Learning 2015 / ongoing experience

  • Currently undertaking M.A in Education at LSBU (2012-2016)

  • Member of Linden Learning Consultancy

  • Awarded MA in Education in 2016