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STSA Strategic Board

The activities of Southwark Teaching School Alliance are overseen by a Strategic Board, which undertakes the three core governance functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the Director and Strategic Partners to account for the content, quality and impact of STSA’s work
  3. Overseeing financial performance, ensuring financial probity and that money is well spent

Members of the Strategic Board are:

  • Independent Chair - Dame Sue John, Executive Director of Challenge Partners and Chair of Trustees for the Brilliant Club. Sue was formerly Headteacher of Lampton School, a National Teaching School judged outstanding by Ofsted on three consecutive occasions
  • Chair of Southwark Heads – Helen Poyton, Headteacher of Dulwich Village Infant School
  • Chair of Southwark Association of Secondary Heads – Matt Jones, Principal of Globe Academy
  • Headteachers of the two designated Teaching Schools – Cassie Buchanan, Headteacher of Charles Dickens Primary School, and Marian Kennedy, Headteacher of Crampton Primary School
  • One governor each from each of the two designated teaching schools
  • Jan Shadick – United Learning Regional Director
  • Liz Robinson – Co-Head of Surrey Square Primary School
  • STSA Director, Sarah Seleznyov, attends all meetings but is not a formal member of the board

STSA Operations Board

The Operations Board:

  • Drives implementation of the STSA vision and strategy
  • Brings together representatives from the four Working Groups to ensure interdependencies are identified and managed effectively

Members of the Operations Board are:

  • Chair: STSA Director – Sarah Seleznyov
  • Representatives of the four working groups
  • Headteachers of the two designated Teaching Schools - Cassie Buchanan and Marian Kennedy
  • Southwark Council Continuing Professional Development Operational Manager / NQTs - Jane Beaumont
  • Bursar

Working Groups and Strategic Partners

The four Working Groups bring together the Strategic Partners who lead on design and delivery of activities in each of the “big 4” areas:

  1. Initial Teacher Training - Simon Wattam (Headteacher, Goose Green Primary School and Schools Direct Partnership lead), Jo Rooney (Headteacher, John Donne Primary School), Cassie Buchanan (Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary School), Rebecca Carney (Cobourg Primary School)
  2. Continuing Professional Development - Erika Eisele (Deputy Headteacher, Camelot Primary School), Rachel Evans (Assistant Headteacher, Dulwich Hamlet Junior School), Matt Morden (Deputy Headteacher, Surrey Square Primary School)
  3. School-to-school support - Helen Poyton (Headteacher, Dulwich Village Infant School), Nicola Noble (Headteacher, Surrey Square Primary School)
  4. Research and development - Jemima Rhys-Evans (Deputy Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary School), Danielle Graves (Camelot Primary School), Andy Threadgould (Dulwich College)

If you would like to become a Strategic Partner and contribute to one of our Working Groups, please email