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Peer Review


London South Teaching School Alliance is proud to be one of only a handful of groups designated as a hub for the Education Development Trust’s Schools Partnership Programme (SPP). SPP is a cluster-based school improvement model based on rigorous and impact-focused peer review. It supports school leaders to drive their own improvement, through a continuous cycle of self-review, peer review and school-to-school support and improvement. The school being reviewed determines the focus of their review so it is consistent with their own self-evaluation and priorities. Shortly after the review an “improvement facilitator” supports the school to develop a plan to respond to review feedback and signpost support.

In 2017/2018, 28 schools and nurseries across and beyond London are participating in our peer review programme. Feedback from those involved has been overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of peer review, both for headteachers’ and leaders’ own professional development and for their schools. It has enabled those participating to build deeper professional trust, and to secure improvements in their own and each other’s schools.

“It was an excellent opportunity to work on an objective view of an area of our organisation which we had identified for development. The process of working with other local colleagues really helped us to clarify our thinking and has significantly influenced our strategic planning.” (Southwark Headteacher, commenting on their participation in our 2016 peer review pilot.)

Participation in peer review includes:

  • All training and resources necessary to be an effective reviewer and/or improvement facilitator for you and 1-2 colleagues
  • Work in clusters to review each other’s schools
  • An improvement workshop for your school based on feedback from your review
  • Chances to share learning with other schools and to receive further training and support based on the findings of the reviews

Programme session details

This programme is led by Liz Robinson,Co-Director, Big Education

Sign up and cost

Participants can sign up for peer review 2018-19 by completing this form.

Join this programme for the price of £1,075 for new schools or £975 for returning schools. This programme is free to Strategic Partner and Member Schools.

Our SPP hub status also means that we are able to support other groups to establish their own peer review clusters. Please email to find out more.